Utility-Scale Wind Energy at Extremely Low Cost

Airloom harnesses the power of the wind to propel wings along a lightweight track. Our unique geometry generates the same amount of electricity as conventional turbines at a fraction of the cost.

Less than 1/10 the cost of a turbine

Under 1/4 the cost to build a windfarm

1/3 the LCOE compared to traditional wind energy

Can be built vertically or horizontally, either onshore or offshore

Easy to transport: a 2.5 MW Airloom fits inside a standard tractor trailer

Better for viewplanes: less mass, lower profile

Quickly manufactured: uses readily sourced materials and parts

Airloom’s radical cost advantage compared to conventional wind

Utility-Scale HAWT* Airloom Technology
(e.g., $2.1M for 2.5 MW turbine)
Less than $0.09/W
(e.g., under $225K for 2.5 MW AirLoom)
(e.g., $25M for 20 MW wind farm)
Less than $0.21/W
(e.g., under $6M for 20 MW wind farm)
LCOE $0.038/kWh $0.013/kWh
*Lazard, October 2021

Airloom Energy’s revolutionary technology

10-meter wings travel across a lightweight track that can stretch meters or miles. 25-meter towers are held in place by a patented bridling system. High or low, short or long, the configuration is highly flexible depending on landscape and use.

Our Partners:

Meet the team that is changing the nature of how we think about wind energy.

Neal Rickner

Chief Executive Officer

Neal Rickner (MBA, Columbia Business School; Columbia University, Master of International Affairs; University of Arkansas, BA, Political Science) brings more than 25 years of operational and investing experience in the energy, defense, and industrial sectors. Prior to his role as CEO of BridgeTek Energy, a global battery integration services and software technology provider, Rickner served as the Managing Partner of Elevation Ventures where he led investments in early-stage energy and mobility companies. He spent nearly a decade at Google and Google[x] leading teams, most notably serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Makani, a next-generation wind-turbine company owned by Alphabet and Shell.  Rickner is also a decorated veteran of the U.S. Marines, serving as an F-18 pilot and Forward Air Controller for over 12 years.

Robert Lumley

Founder and President

Robert Lumley (MBA, UCLA, Finance; BA Williams College Chemistry and Economics) is the inventor of the Airloom and founder of Airloom Energy, Inc. After earning his corporate badges (Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo), Mr. Lumley embarked on an entrepreneurial career spanning three decades. Innovative endeavors include pioneering work in business process outsourcing (Haystack Systems) and operating as principal in over $20 million in real estate investments and retail (island of Kauai).

Inspired by mathematics, optimization modeling, and kiteboarding, Mr. Lumley conceived of the Airloom one evening in a pub in Berlin after a wind energy conference. The Airloom has since been awarded numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and the state of Wyoming. US and international patents have been issued and more are in process.

At Airloom, Mr. Lumley oversees technical strategy and implementation (including “in-the-weeds” modeling, implementation, and troubleshooting). He also directs R&D; oversees general operations and facilities; manages fund-raising, and develops commercialization strategies.

He still owns the original sketch of the AirLoom drawn on a cocktail napkin in Berlin.

Blossom Ko

Chief Operating Officer

Blossom Ko (MM, CSULA, Afro-Latin Music; BA, Rutgers College, English) possesses a diverse skill set in project management and financial operations acquired from over 20 years in non-profit and for-profit organizations including the University of Wyoming, the J. Paul Getty Trust, the LA Annenberg Metropolitan Project and Ares Management.

Ms. Ko has effectively led large-scale projects through every stage of implementation, and her experience encompasses communications work, technical and grant writing, and collaborating with varied sets of stakeholders. Ms. Ko manages Airloom’s financial/HR administration and reporting, communications, board/investor relations and project planning & implementation.

Her personal dream for the Airloom, once reaching utility-scale, is development of a mobile “pop-up” version to be quickly deployed for emergency and disaster relief.

Mookwon Seo

Director, Systems Control and Instrumentation

Dr. Mookwon Seo (PhD, University of Wyoming, Mathematics; BS, Kangwon National University, Mathematics) is responsible for controls optimization, instrumentation, data analysis, and power electronics at Airloom.

He models aerodynamics and power curves (MatLab, C#), implements real-time control hardware and firmware (PCB design, “close to the metal” microcontroller programming), designs power electronics and generator control algorithms (50kW and above), develops instrumentation for real-time data collection, and analyzes collected data to recursively tune his aerodynamic models, real-time control, and power management.

On his first day at Airloom, Dr. Seo said he wanted to build a robot. He has since built an entirely new wind energy collection system from scratch.

Justus Kornkven

Director, Systems Design

Justus Kornkven (BS, University of Wyoming, Physics) is responsible for structural design and dynamic analysis at Airloom. Through advanced skill and extreme diligence, he has been vital in conjuring the Airloom into existence. Justus has done it all: finite element analysis (FEA), 3D design, component selection, CNC programming, subsystem testing, deep analytics of the interaction between structure, dynamics, aerodynamics, and power take off.

We knew he was the right person for the job when we learned that his deep understanding of physics was complemented by his passion during his teen years for the development of realistic 3D computer games.

Zach Carey

Director, Assembly and Fabrication

Zach Carey (University of Alaska – Fairbanks, coursework in Mechanical Engineering) manages the assembly and fabrication team at Airloom. He works closely with Mr. Kornkven to manufacture, assemble, and test the Airloom in both our indoor test facility and our outdoor demonstration system.

Mr. Carey’s apprenticeship as an electrician, hands on summer jobs in construction, and background in mechanical engineering are an ideal combination for implementation at Airloom. His mechanical engineering training complements his hands on experience, enabling Mr. Carey to recommend specific materials and assembly procedures in the demanding external environment.

Likely due in part to his experiences in Fairbanks, he appears impervious to cold and wind, and completely at home in a t-shirt braving the Wyoming elements.

Roam with us in beautiful Wyoming.

Plains = Wind

Wyoming ranks first in the nation for class 6 and class 7 wind sites, the highest site rankings for potential wind speed and power generation – perfect conditions for the Airloom.

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Scenic Landscapes

Laramie is a spirited college town, with an abundance of outdoor recreation, deep western roots, and a vibrant cultural scene at 7,220 feet.

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Great Benefits

Airloom offers a generous benefits package for our growing staff. Our office is 30 minutes from world-class hiking, rock-climbing, biking and skiing.

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